We’re proud to bring you a range of beautifully hand made English full hide graded leather belts, combined with hand-crafted gorgeous buckles.

All our belts are bespoke, individually hand-crafted to order, and as such the finished ordered article may differ fractionally to the photograph on the website. All our buckles are unisex - but we’ve made the choice of choosing a little easier by splitting our website into two sections.

The minimum order for our belts are four which can be a combination of women's and men's belts and which are presented in a lovely presentation box.

Why Quintessential Belts?

There’s an old saying: you pay for what you get and never a true word spoken!

Quintessential means many things but "epitome" would perfectly describe our products.

We pride ourselves on the superb quality of our leather belts: The finest Hand Stitched, English Bridle Leather, which speaks for itself. Our leather belts are bespoke and the buckles handcrafted.

You won’t be disappointed!